Hello, I'm Pernille Damore

My daughter says that I died that day at the beach. 

…one thing is for sure, that hit on the head changed my life.

Osmotic Water Fast – The Program

I have made 3 programs and a full 30-day program for you which you can use with the Osmotic Water ...
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Vegan Keto Curry Re-feed

Re-feed between the fasts is just as important as getting the salt while you fast.And yet not many people talk ...
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Do´s & Don´ts of Water Fasting

What can l drink during an Osmotic Water Fast? Water!Sparkling water without taste or any kind of sweetenersCell-drink (recipe here)Herbal ...
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Osmotic Water Fast – The Kidney Shot

Writing this post makes me feel like an old witch stirring in my cauldron while a black cat is lying ...
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Is a 110h water fast a failure?

Ok, let´s talk failure and disappointment in one self. In a lot of the fasting groups on Facebook l often ...
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Studies about the effect of fasting

Hi friends, l have gathered some of the studies l have researched and thought it would be an idea to ...
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