7 Day Water Fast & 4 Day Re-Feed

7 Day Water Fast & 4 Day Re-Feed

I didnt plan to do a full week of only drinking water!
It just happened.
Now l know you might thing that such a thing “just doesnt happen” but it actually does when you leave Ego out of your fasts and let the body run the show.

Just like l previously had intensions of doing a 140h fast and ended up stopping at 110h – you can read about what happened here – then because l am doing this for my body and not to strengthen my Ego it can not ever be a failure.
There is no quitting in water fasting.
There is no “giving up” in water fasting.
There is only obeying the needs of your body.
– not your Ego.

And obviously it also goes the other way too!
I was supposed to do ADF (Alternate Day Fasting – as displayed in my favourite fasting program) but ended up doing a full week.
I made this video on day 4 where l explain all about it


In the video l kinda promised to make more videos during the fast but ended up needing all my energy to grow brain.
That had nothing to do with the fast l need to mention, but more to do with a building site right outside my window that (because of the noise from 07-16 every day Saturday included) drains my brain immensely and l ended up spending the rest of the fast outside in my hall on a mattress in darkness.

In the video l also talk about elaborate ideas regarding my re-feeding.
That did not happen either.
Simply because the needs of my body changed and l had to alter my intellectual plans.

First of all my body temperature dropped, which is normal during a fast.
All blood goes to the fat storage where it is used to burn fat which means the colder you feel the more fat you are burning.
Which is great and knowing that will just make you put on a jumper and wooly socks instead of complaining.
I felt so great that l actually considered extending my fast further to 10 day.
I was cold yes, but l felt great l just did my warm baths daily (l am going to teach you about warm baths, what to add in them and how to use them for different needs), I had my ginger tea, I relaxed as much a possible and I really enjoyed my fast.

I even had brain clarity to attend a teaching at the Buddhist University here in Copenhagen, something that would have been impossible before l started my water fasts.
So l honestly thought l was going to extend with 3 more days.


But at day 7 the day l was supposed to stop my fast l woke up and felt sick.
I was so cold and when l took my temperature (which l had been monitored several times a day during the week) my core temperature had dropped with a full degree.

I feel l need to clarify here.

In homotoxicology (my field of medicine) we work with diagnosing and adjusting the bodys inherent ability to regain a healthy state.
One of those methods the body is using is regulating the temperature.
We all have different temperatures, a lot of factores are at play, but to be immune to bacterial and viral infections having a core temperature at 37*C is important simply because that creates an environment the vira and bacteria do not thrive in so they wont pick your body to inhabit but instead chose someone with a more beneficial environment. (hence the warm baths l took – promise l will write about that!)

But when l woke up at day 7 of my fast my core temperature had dropped a full degree from my normal temperature.

And that is not good!
That is alarming!

I had by the low temperature made an open invitation to every bacteria and vira in town!
That made it sure for me that l was going to end my fast that day.
ASAP actually!

So the idea l had 3 days prior to start my re-feed with a spinach, avocado, lemon juice, ginger powder smoothie would for obvious reasons be a very bad idea!
I should focus on warm not cold.

I went straight out and made a Schlenz bath
Parmenides said 2000 years ago: “Give me a chance to create fever and I will cure any disease,” and that is basically the idea of a Schlenz bath.
To create a fever.

What you do is you make a 37*C bath that you lie in but the body has to be completely covered by the water, only face with nose and mouth can be above water.
And then you add warmer water over a duration of 30 min so the body adapts with the heat of the water and when you reach a core temperature of 39,5*C the therapy is done and you can get up.

I did that and to keep the fake fever as long as possible l wrapped myself (wet) in a sheet and went under a cover so l could sweat as much as possible; just like One does during a fever.
All the time l was drinking luke warm cell drink (ummm yummy!) to stay hydrated but not interfear with the process by adding cold water inside of me.

When l felt the fake fever was subsiding l showered and rested a bit.
That show took me nearly 3 hour but l managed to get my temperature up to 37*C, still not my normal temperature, but out of danger of catching an infection.

And then it was time to re-feed.
By now l was really looking forward!


I used this organic mix (in Denmark the demand of organic is very high so you can basically get anything you want organic)
I explain what it is and how l made it in the video below.

When all the juices had left the veggies l added 1 liter of boiling water and blended it

and then l very naively started out with a small bowl with only 1 big ladle of soup thinking that only a few spoons of soup would make me full… hahahaha was l wrong!
Well think again!

This little pithily thimble of a bowl of soup did nothing of a kind!
I needed more!

So l had additional 2 bowls like the one displayed in the pic above and added a lot of rape oil on both of them, ate them s.l.o.w.l.y over the next hour and that did the trick.

However – l was now so full (not stuffed, mind you!) that l couldnt eat anymore for the next 24h!


Well…none of this re-feeding goes according to my very well thought out intellectual plan… maybe because l have created it all with my head and not my body!

First I was supposed to have soup on re-feed day 1 and cauliflower falafels on re-feed day 2. 

Then l so full after having the soup yesterday (day 1) and did not feel like falafels today so l decided just to have soup today too.

But when l was supposed to eat today l most definitely did not felt like soup l only felt like fresh veggies so this is what l ended up having today on my re-feed day 2.

I had small tomatoes, small peppers, cucumber, avocado with lemon juice and Maldon salt, kalamata olives, vegan mayo (l prefer the Hellman one) and iceberg lettuce to make it all into wraps… and then of course; crunchy peanut butter. 

I drizzle Lehnsgaard rape oil on top to get my omega3.

And then I had all my sups. I am so fortunate that l had my sups designed and produced especially to me but obviously the content of them supports everyone with any kind of chronic conditions.
And: no l am not affiliated, l do not get paid, this is not marketing its just me saying that if you do have chronic conditions you should check them out!

I guess that l am going to have my falafels tomorrow!


I woke up at midnight with so much reflux and heart burn that I got a bit concerned.

I know what to do about it so l went straight to the kitchen and made a kidney shot (read about how to make it here)
That helped and l fell asleep again.

The reason it works so well on heart burn is that the combination of ACV and bicarbonate is highly alkaline as you can see on the pH strip.

The kidney shot has a pH of 7,5 so after 5-10 min of drinking it all heart burn is gone!
Obviously it does not cure the cause of the heart burn but it alleviates.
The reason l have the heart burn is that my lovely body is not yet used to this eating-thing after not eating in a full week.
It takes time.
And as l have said a lot of times; l do this for my body not my Ego so l just follow along with what my body needs.

But that also means that l do really not feel like falafels today!!!

So my ever so expansive plan with having falafels in salad wraps and oven baked veggies on my day 2 of re-feeding, was pushed to day 3 and today at day 3 l feel that … nope… it is most definitely not going to happen today either!.

I honestly do not feel like anything else but eating the re-feed soup.
It did me so well on Day 1 of re-feeding and l am sure its going to do me well today too, its all l want to eat, and then as l wrote, l must obey my body.
I do think l am going to add some ovenbaked brussels sprout as well.
Love those.

UPDATE: the shift

So l did the soup, l made edamame because l know l love those and l did my brussels sprout.
My “problem” is still that l feel no hunger, l dont feel like food, l eat because l am re-feeding and have to.

I didnt eat much of it so l made sure l got enough fat with both Smørbar/Spreadable from Naturli but also in rape oil.
I do that to avoid ending on a low caloric diet.

When l was really sick, lying isolated in my dads summerhouse before we knew l had Addisons due to the pituitary damage l ended up being on a low caloric diet unknowingly.

I say unknowingly because l was living alone, didnt have anyone to remember for me and when l dont have that, every day past the day before yesterday, evaporates.

At the same time l have what is called memory displacement.
Its when my memories gets all scrambled up.

My brain creates memories but they are not in chronological order so as an example l can go and shop, stock the fridge and when l am going to cook the fridge is completely empty.
The memory of shopping that l vividly remember l did today is not from today but judging from the empty fridge it must have been weeks ago.

And the same goes with eating.
If l was asked: “did you eat today?” l would reply: “of course l did! l had smoothie, l baked bread and l had ratatouille.”
But if the person asking had actually checked there would be no freshly baked bread, the bin would show no sign of any cooking and there would be no ingredients to make a smoothie.
And yet l would very clearly recollect doing all of that cooking today!

We didnt find out about the memory displacement until l moved in and became neighbour to my mum.
She would ask me; “have you showered today?”, “have you taken on clean clothes today?” and l would say “yes” because l vividly remembered that l had.
But when laundry day came; l had no laundry.
So we could only deduct that l had not showered for a week since l have a habit of taking on clean clothes every time l shower or bathe.

So my mum and brother have now learned not to ask, but to check – because of my memory displacement my answer would not be a valid representation of what has actually happened today anyway.

l know this is so weird – you should try to live it!
So instead of trying to comprehend how it is to live with memory displacement see if you can answer this question:

Tell me everything you dont know

Obviously you cant.
That is how it is to be me.

That was a bit of a sidetrack – what l wanted to say was when l was really sick, living isolated in my dads summerhouse and could go days without any contact with anyone l unknowingly destroyed my metabolism by getting too few calories.

There is a huge physiological and biochemical difference between low caloric diet and fasting as you can see in this video

So back to my situation today: l make sure that l am getting enough calories when l dont eat enough and l do that with eating A LOT of oil!

So when l had had my edamame, sprouts and soup and didnt feel like eat any more l made a cup of tea with a spoon ful (yep! not a teaspoon but a table spoon) of coconut oil to finish off the eating of the day.

And the same problem with reflux happened aprox 4h after l had finished my meal so l did a kidney shot and it disappeared.

But then something very interesting happened!

My brother came to stay.
We were watching TNG (if you know what that is then: hell yeah l am a Trekkie, may you live long an prosperous) and he suddenly got hungry.

I love to cook and l am really good at it, but what l love more is to cook for others so l asked him if l could make him some food.

So l started to make him iceberg wraps with red peppers stuffed with goat cheese, vegan mayo, kalamata olives, tomatoes and chili rape oil sprinkled with peanuts.

But while making the wraps l suddenly felt like eating!
I havent been hungry at all for over 1 week and l havent felt like food for months.
When l have been hungry l haven eaten but but because l felt like food… dont know if that make any sense.

But now l felt like food even though l still wasnt hungry.
So l made myself some wraps too and l SO enjoyed it.
It was such a pleasure!
Both to make food for others but also to feel like food and eating it.
Such a pleasure!
And it was late!
I finished eating at 21:00 and went straight to bed afterwards and what was more astounding l did not wake up at 03 as l normally do but slept through to 06.
And l have had no reflux – what so ever!

Dont know where to put all that information but l am going to look into what happened.

RE-FEEDING DAY 4 – Finally Falafel Day

Today was the first day after l ended my fast that l felt like myself again.
Didnt have any reflux, but still no hunger or wanting to eat (which as l have written before is quite normal with the Addisons)
And finally l got to make the falafels and they are amazing!
You will find the recipe here.
I was cooking for my mum and my brother as well so l also made a keto oven bake that l highly can recommend you to try if you are not vegan.
Its high in protein and fat and taste amazing!
You will find the recipe here.
And then l made a plate of veggies because l love DYI-Food you know, picking from a tray to make the perfect wrap.
On the tray l had iceberg lettuce in the entire leaf, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, red pepper, cucumber and sun-dried tomatoes and then of course vegan mayo.
You then take your iceberg leaf, put mayo on, take 2 falafels, add tomato, cucumber and red pepper, drizzle chili rape oil on, wrap the sides around this perfect bite and enjoy.

RE-FEEDING DAY 5 – Nahhh… not really…

I dont think l am going to need anything special today.
I feel fine is going to be any special.
I am going to the Copenhagen Walkaton today so l am having the cell drink before l leave to make sure l am hydrated enough and thats it.


It took me longer to re-feed than l expected.
I know its said that you should re-feed half the time you have been fasting but l never thought it was going to be so uncomfortable to re-feed.
It has been 4 tough days going into the fast – the 4 first days are always challenging but it has also been 4 tough days re-feeding getting out of the fast which has left me with 3 lovely days during the fast.
All in all not worth it!

So to answer your question: am l going to do a 7 day fast again?
No. I dont think so!

I enjoyed the experience.
I enjoyed how l felt during the fast.
I did not enjoy the insomnia and the reflux and l think l attain the same during ADF to be honest.
The fasting plan l keep sharing with you is in my opinion still the best fasting solution there is and l am looking forward to getting back to my routine.

Lots of love to you and yours

P <3