A rant!

A rant!

l am now ranting… bare with me or feel free to find a cute cat video instead.

l am in England as you might know to get brain scans. 

I have the amazing neurologist – check

Have had the consultation where he refers me to the hospital for scans – check

Now the director of the hospital will only do a scan to check for tumors… pardon?

So let´s sum it up… 

l have been in an accident, hit my head, got memory issues and need a functional scan to check blood perfusion and metabolism and with that find out what is wrong and the director or the hospital will only check me for brain tumors?

How does that fit?

Well it doesn’t.. but its apparently procedure…

How tired am l of bureaucracy?

So now we are looking for another hospital that will give me a functional scan so we can find out what is wrong…