Addison crashing and edamame beans

Addison crashing and edamame beans

As you know l am water fasting quite a lot.
The effects are amazing!
l still got Addisons and l still crash if l am not careful.
And fasting is very stressful for the body in many ways and to be honest water fasting makes me more vulnerable than l already.

In the period l have been water fasting and felt amazing l have also increased the amounts of Addison crashes l have experienced.

Only someone with Addisons know how it feels and how quick it goes!
Thankfully l know what to do, my family recognise the signs and we act immediately when it happens.

And today it happened again.

l was at a Christning last Sunday and since then l havent been myself.
My dosage has been irregular and l havent been able to fast longer than 22h-24h, l am sleeping really bad and l am so exhausted and lethargic all the time.
So l have been extra vigilant regarding symptoms.
During the night l woke up with that specific Addison migraine, took a stress dosage and went back to sleep but when l woke up l didnt feel any better.

I took my cell-drink (yep, works wonders in an Addison crash) but it didnt have any effect, so l decided to eat so l could get all my sups because they are made specific to my symptom picture.
l cant take my sups when l am water fasting so l only get them when l am feasting.

And so l did.
This is what l made: broccoli, brussels sprouts, green beans, mushroom and red onion stir fry and 250g of Edamame beans on the side.
Obviously every single veggie was chosen for its effect on improving my condition right at that moment but the edamame are key here!

Edamame are super high in the essential proteins, they are high in fiber and fatty acids and have basically no effect on insulin all factors that are important when you want to support the adrenals.
+ edamame are served with salt on top another key factor when it comes to getting the adrenals back online.

How to prepare edamame

Well, quite easy
You make sure you buy organic and preferably European ones (non GMO)
You boil water and pour it over the amount of beans you want.
You therefore de-frost them and make them warm.
Get rid of the water and sprinkle (a lot) of Maldon salt over them and thats it.
You cant eat the shell only the bean inside so its a slow-food, it takes time to eat them
Remember to drink water while eating due to the density of the bean

Its an easy snack, a full meal in itself, lovely to share, you cant stuff yourself and you eat slow.. whats not to love?

P <3