ADF, Vegan Keto & Mindfulness for maximum autophagy

ADF, Vegan Keto & Mindfulness for maximum autophagy

There are 2 questions l always get when l tell about my ADF and vegan keto journey.

One of them is “how do you do it!” (with the exclamation mark)

And the other one is “how do you do it?” (with the question mark)

Let me take the first question first

Its easy peasy for me to do ADF and vegan keto because the price is too high if l dont!
Read here and here and here
In my opinion there is no choice!

Literally.. this is how l do it:


I fast on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
So let me walk you through a week: l eat Sunday where l usually start my meal around 14:00 and end my eating between 17:00-20:00 depending on how l feel.
I am not anal about it – l do what feels right.
I am very much an intuitive faster.

Remember l have been without starch, sugar and other addictive foods for almost 20 years so l have no issues with binging, cravings or anything else but eat what feels right and stop when l am satisfied.
So my eating window close when l feel l am done eating Sunday.

I then fast the entire Monday and start eating Tuesday around 14:00.
Usually l eat OMAD on Tuesdays and Thursdays so my meal normally ends around 16:00.

Again… when l say OMAD (One Meal A Day) l mean that l cook one meal, l eat it slow so l eat in the speed that my body prefers, l have a cup of decaf coffee with soy milk or an immuni-tea with soy milk if l feel like it and when l am satisfied and done … l am done…

I fast the entire Wednesday until Thursday at 14:00 where l again eat until around 16:00.

I fast the entire Friday until Saturday at 14:00 and on Saturdays l try to eat and snack myself through an entire 6 hour window.

Just to do something different.
I feel so great on fasting that l prefer being in the fasting state as much as possible but l also know the importance of activating the metabolism and breaking habits – and let me just say that if l feel l am getting too cold or my metabolism is getting too slow on a Tuesday or a Thursday l just eat for 6 hours on those days, ok?

– again.. l am not anal about it.
I am doing this for my body so its my body that dictates the procedure.
I just tag along.

And then we are back at Sunday where l normally eat to fill up storages.
Sometimes l eat throughout the entire 6 hours, sometimes l had enough the day before so its just an OMAD and thats that.

Thats the ADF.

My fridge; cell drink ready, l add sparkled water for taste and in the drawer underneath you have the veggies l am going to cook with on the eating day. My focus is on fasting. Not feasting. Until its time.

On Fasting days l make sure to get my cell drink as soon as l get up!
This is super important!

l have found that if l dont get my cell drink right away l get SO hungry within hours and its almost impossible to revert it so my fasting day ends up being pure struggle and not enjoyable at all!

So l get up and do my cell drink right away and have a glass.
If you want to do any kind of water fasting having the cell drink is key!

Another thing l tend to use if l feel l need to is the kidney shot.
So many processes are activated during the autophagy that you dont even know about, so staying in tune with your body and all the signals it gives you is very important.

And the kidney shot is a supportive helping hand in regulating your pH value and is just making the detox process so much easier.

I have never needed more than 2 shots a day – since its also in the cell drink.
And that was when l came out of the 7 day fast in my re-feed window.
Normally on my normal ADF days l think l do a kidney shot once or twice a week.

Besides the cell drink l usually make a pot of tea when l wake up as well.
I then drink it throughout the day because l also like it cold.
I have a 1,7l pot and use 1 spoonful of organic nettle (yep, you read me right) and 1 spoonful of organic mint.

Nettle is known for its anti-inflammatory effect inside the blood vessels, its kidney support but l actually drink it because of its bitters that are well known to have a huge effect on the contraction of the venes and a super detoxing effect on the liver and gall bladder.

Fasting past the 36h mark + being in maximum autophagy as much as l am puts its strain on the lovely liver so l support it every day with this bitter tea.
The longer the tea stands the more bitter it gets and the more your liver enjoys it.

Mint is known support the stomach and while fasting its a huge opportunity for the stomach lining to be optimised + mint is reducing pain which is very normal for Addisons patients to struggle with.
And the tea taste great when l combine nettle and mint so thats my normal go to fasting tea.

The Vegan Keto

The diet when l re-feed is imperative – just as important as the fasting.
Since l am growing brain – read: dissolving protein plaque, limiting inflammation in the mast cells and rebuilding new pathways – l am aiming for the most possible autophagy.

And l do that with living 100% vegan keto.
That means that l can push my autophagy to start as soon as 12 hours into my fast!
At this point I even feel when it happens!

Normally, on a “normal diet” with all the crap that is included in that your body wont be able to enter autophagy until all the sugar is used, the insulin is lowered, the ketones are present so a normal Ms. Jones is not entering autophagy any sooner than 36h to 72h into the fast!

l am not letting ridiculous diet choices delay my healing so when Ms. Jones is entering autophagy l have already been in autophagy, and growing brain, for 24h to 60h!
Do you start to see why its an easy choice for me to be vegan keto?

A thing about the vegan keto that l have also written about in this post is “how to do the vegan keto right?!

And its actually very easy – sticks your urine!
If you eat something that pulls you out of ketosis its not keto in your body.
If you eat something that keeps you in ketosis its keto in your body.
End of story.

Because we are all different, we all have genetics, epi-genetics, habits, preferences, biochemistry, psychology and physiology we need to take into account and none of us are the same.
So where meat, eggs and cheese might be keto for one, the residue of the animal protein will inflate insulin and inflammatory responses in another one.
And where vegan keto might be depriving for one it might be boosting autophagy and growing brain in another one.
So find out what works for you.

And yeah, vegan cheese with 21g carbs works for me whereas goat cheese with 0,1g of carbs does not.
Carb deprivation is not king.
Individual scientific proven and logic choices are.

The 9 stages of awareness according to Buddhism

The Mindfulness

This is the part most people just skip either because they dont give meditation any credit or because they feel they fail when they try to meditate.

Let me start by clarifying something:

You can not sit down and purposefully try to meditate
You can only let meditation happen

Just like if you lie down and try to fall asleep it rarely happens, but if you lie down and let sleep happen.. you will fall asleep.

Its the same with meditation.

In Buddhism we talk about the 9 stages of awareness and l think its a pity its not more commonly known because if it was you would by now know that sitting down and being disturbed by random thoughts IS meditation!

You are doing it right!

If you are not used to meditating and you sit down and trying to lets say focus on your breath and all of a sudden you find yourself going over a conversation you had the other day instead of focusing on your breathing then discovering that your mind is off on its own and pulling it back to what you want it to focus on IS MEDITATION!!

That how you start out!

Sitting down for 20 min morning and night and doing nothing but becoming aware of when you are not in charge of your thoughts and getting back in charge of your thoughts you are already in 1st stage of awareness according to Buddhism!

And if you stick with it one day you will realise that the mind chatter has gotten so much worse than it used to be!!!
Its almost non-stop! and you are going to be so frustrated with yourself and thats when l am going to jump of joy because fact of the matter is that the mind chatter hasnt gotten any worse, you have just become more aware of how non-stop-without-any-end-to-it the mind chatter actually is!
Just by becoming aware of it and not even changing it marks the entering of stage 2!!!

So actually.. the more you become aware of how utterly bad you are at meditating the more you are succeeding!


Already succeeding!

Water fasting and meditation are made for one another!

So if you are water fasting just for 18h a day you have 18 times 20 min of opportunity to become more alert, more aware, fill your life with mindfulness, start to feel connected to yourself, your body, the people you have in your life, you have the opportunity to awaken that deep seated loving kindness all of us possess towards all living beings.

Because think about it: all of us, every single being want to happy and free from suffering.
We want our loved ones to be happy and free from suffering.
Do you see how similar we all are?

And if you let yourself become aware, you are going to be connected with that deep seated guidance that actually leads you towards happiness and away from suffering.

All you have to do is ALLOWING yourself to become aware of it.
Do not try to make it happen.
Just sit down and let it happen.

P <3