Vegan Keto Curry Re-feed

Re-feed between the fasts is just as important as getting the salt while you fast.And yet not many people talk about the re-feeds so l am going to do that from now on! I am plant based and l am eating keto - both because it supports my brain recovery the most.This is what l made for me and my brother yesterday. My brother came by, after work, ending his 92h fast and l was ending my 44h fast so both of us were looking forward to a proper meal What you need for the rice White cabbage rice -…

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Is a 110h water fast a failure?

Ok, let´s talk failure and disappointment in one self. In a lot of the fasting groups on Facebook l often read post where someone had decided to do a 48h, 72h, 96h or even 1 week water fast but for some reason they stopped the fast before they were supposed to. All of them - without an exception - touch on the topic of feeling like a failure. "I am so disappointed in myself" one writes"l hate myself for quitting" another one writes"l feel like such a failure" another one says l planned to do a 140h fast because it…

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Pick your hard – water fasting and brain recovery

When people find out l am water fasting their first response is: "Isn't that hard?!"And yes! It is!Not eating and only drinking salt water for 3 days, you bet its hard!Of course it is!Anyone that says otherwise cant be from this planet! But HOW hard it is, obviously is subjective. If you are in good health, wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and get dressed by singing birds then of course doing a water fast will be hard. But if you have a chronical condition, chemical meds are keeping you alive, you might even be…

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Fasting – what happens when?

In order to tell you more about water fasting let me just tell you about what is happening in the body when you are fasting and why l have been so against water fasting. Intermittent Fasting is great! No debate about that! There are so many benefits that l will dedicate an entire post to that. The difference between Intermitten Fasting (IF) and Extended Fasting (EF) is that in IF you eat every day, in EF you go longer than 1 day without food. The main reason to why l have been so against EF is (besides the dehydration of…

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Water Fasting

WATER FASTING l have to say: l rock! just finished 70hours of water fast.  It was actually easier than l thought it would be! l have done 18:6 since ´17 l have done OMAD for almost a year (on off with 18:6-22:2) But l still have a lot of repercussions of my brain injury.  When l almost died last year in October l was diagnosed with Addisons due to the damage of the pituitary. l therefore started meds that saved my life.. and made me gain 40 pounds over the next 6 months!  Not fun!  l kept telling myself that…

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How to deal with cruelty

I just want to share how l managed the profound sadness l felt the other day. Its a bit long so please bare with me First l allowed myself to be sad. When l felt the sadness stated to dissolve l read all your messages and they soothed me so much. Thank you all so much! Then l meditated on the sadness to find the real cause of it. The meditation l used was a Metta meditation, its where you repeat an intent, and l really needed that! In a Metta meditation you first wish your intent for yourself. Then you wish…

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Handicapped. Inadequate. Vulnerable

Today l feel especially handicapped. l know l am handicapped. l know my brain injury gives me an invisible handicap where l look normal but perceive everything abnormal.And that is confusing for people. l am used to that. They don’t know any better so l no longer get hurt by remarks, prejudice or rude behaviour. They dont know any better. If l was blind they wouldn’t keep throwing me a ball. But l am not. l look, speak, interact (at least at first glance) completely normal.So when my handicap kick in people just think l am immensely darf, not listening, disinterested or anything else…

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Traveling with Addisons

is not impossible but takes planning. Because l have TBI that has given me hypopituitarism l have the joy of both hypothyroidism and 2nd Addisons. I almost died this October, twice, and its been a really tough year so my lovely brother has invited me on a 3 week vegan yoga retreat at Wonderland Healing Center leaving tomorrow, whoop whoop :D Super, great, amazing but it takes planning. First of all l have notified the healing center so they are aware of my condition. l have contacted the local hospital making sure they have the emergency treatment for Addisons, l…

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I am not brain dead!

I finally got my SPECT scan! It has been 10 months getting here and would not have been possible without all the help l have gotten! l am so grateful for that!Thank you! We got the referral from Dr. McCorry to Trinity Medical Imaging in Sutton. Turned out to be an amazing facility that l can highly recommend*. If you, as l, have been to numerous neurologists being told all the things you are not, then this might be a solution for you too. I have been to 10+ neurologists, in Spain, Denmark, Austria and England, every single one with…

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