ADF, Vegan Keto & Mindfulness for maximum autophagy

There are 2 questions l always get when l tell about my ADF and vegan keto journey. One of them is "how do you do it!" (with the exclamation mark) And the other one is "how do you do it?" (with the question mark) Let me take the first question first Its easy peasy for me to do ADF and vegan keto because the price is too high if l dont!Read here and here and here In my opinion there is no choice! Secondly.Literally.. this is how l do it: The ADF I fast on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. So…

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Powerful Impact of Meditation

I feel powerful!Not with the energetic meaning of the word but literally: as in fierce! A few months ago my brother invited me on a 3 week vegan yoga retreat to Koh Phangan in Thailand. Every morning we did meditation and morning yoga and every morning we were asked to set the purpose with the training. For me it was the same purpose every single morning: "I am powerful" Again... not in the energetic meaning of the word, but literrally: as in strong, fierce.I wasn't. Far from.I have never been so physical weak as l am now. At that point…

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