30-Day 18:6 & Water Fast Challenge start 1st of September

ADF - Alternate Day Fasting - is without a doubt the most efficient and beneficial way to heal the body, lose weight, activate autophagy and regain health. And l would like to join you in that endeavour, l do it regularly anyway and if you want to give it a go, and not be alone in it, you can join my 30-day challenge starting September 1st. Start by joining the Facebook group where l already give advice regarding18:6 intermittent fasting, (vegan) Keto diet and water fasting to heal chronic conditions. You join the fasting family here Facebook group Obviously its…

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Do´s & Don´ts of Water Fasting

What can l drink during an Osmotic Water Fast? Water!Sparkling water without taste or any kind of sweetenersCell-drink (recipe here)Herbal tea (Marcussens Universal tea and nettle is high in potassium and iron, peppermint tea is good for the stomach, camomile tea is calming)Decaffeinated black coffee (Clipper is not using toxins to decaf)Decaffeinated green tea (Clipper has one) ACV Thats it! No need to write and ask about anything that is not on this list. No need to write and refer and post links to others that recommends other stuff that is not on this list. What is on this list…

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Osmotic Water Fast – The Kidney Shot

Writing this post makes me feel like an old witch stirring in my cauldron while a black cat is lying by my feet... this is such an old hippie recipe that l actually heard about the first time right after after a trip in the sweat cabin while visiting a collective in the middle of the forest .. yes l am that old! Anyways... the recipe is super effective at any point you would like to clean and support your kidneys but especially while water fasting What you need ACV - l prefer Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar because it is…

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