I am not brain dead!

I finally got my SPECT scan! It has been 10 months getting here and would not have been possible without all the help l have gotten! l am so grateful for that!Thank you! We got the referral from Dr. McCorry to Trinity Medical Imaging in Sutton. Turned out to be an amazing facility that l can highly recommend*. If you, as l, have been to numerous neurologists being told all the things you are not, then this might be a solution for you too. I have been to 10+ neurologists, in Spain, Denmark, Austria and England, every single one with…

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A rant!

l am now ranting… bare with me or feel free to find a cute cat video instead. l am in England as you might know to get brain scans.  I have the amazing neurologist - check Have had the consultation where he refers me to the hospital for scans - check Now the director of the hospital will only do a scan to check for tumors… pardon? So let´s sum it up…  l have been in an accident, hit my head, got memory issues and need a functional scan to check blood perfusion and metabolism and with that find out…

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I am a hedgehog

I have had another nocturnal seizure. Normally I am not aware that I have them, I just wake up exhausted, with brain-pain and a body feeling like I have spent 10 hours lifting weights.And the morning I wake up, after a seizure, I am turned into a hedgehog. Not cutie Mr. Pokee on the picture above, but curled up into a ball and just want to be left alone in quiet. I dont want to be touched.I dont want to talk.I dont understand what is said.I dont want company.I just want to be left alone. When l am a hedgehog…

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Embarrassed and shameful

Sometimes l cant read.Or write.Or undestand conversations. I am in one of those periods right now. l can write this post because l just place my fingers on the keyboard and write what l think. I can see red lines under the words l have misspelled, but l dont know what l have spelled wrong because l cant read it. My eyes can see what each letter is, l can put them together to words but l cant interpret the meaning of the sentences. l prefer so be alone when l am like this.Simply because l cant communicate. I speak…

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Hypothyroid? Check your potassium!

l lack potassium! Which is kinda weird since Addisons normally have high potassium and low sodium. I am low in everything ... potassium and sodium, so l need to have an extra eye on getting enough of both. I use electrolytes (from BulkPowders btw) when l feel l need extra and otherwise l get potassium via my diet. It's ridiculously easy! Low potassium is the cause for a lot of symptoms that the majority of people are not aware of and in many cases get treated for, but rarely by adding the potassium to their diet that their body really…

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The day my life ended

Today it is exactly 7 years ago I went on a surf holiday for Easter with the kids. They didnt want to go! I was the driving force in that specific holiday. The kids would have rather wanted to stay home, meet up with friends, play games and sleep in. Their argument was that we had already spent some days in Seville for Amalies' birthday and then had a full month of school work, so they just wanted to do nothing the entire holiday. As much as the soul is healed by being with children and as much as I…

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Damore – på dansk

Du er noget så heldig at du har en masse materiale tilgængeligt på dansk! Jeg har jo været aktiv i årtier inden min ulykke og meget af det jeg har lavet ligger ganske gratis på nettet. Min blog bliver fremover på engelsk da jeg har svært ved at læse og rette og har Lincoln til at hjælpe mig med det, han taler ikke dansk så det er på engelsk. Først og fremmest kan jeg anbefale dig at lære omkring principperne for Damore-Metoden. Det gør du i følgende 3 videoer: https://youtu.be/ve247SRb8UY https://youtu.be/bzzeDdpmhMc https://youtu.be/lACn0qe1Sm4 Desuden kan du lære alt omkring detox kosten…

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Addison Crisis – off we go!

The sub title to this post should read "and the complete incompetence of the Danish health system" but since l am a really nice person and do not like to get people angry or agitated l will refrain and just tell you what happened. l have been waiting for a SPECT scan for the longest. You might wonder why on earth l havent had one done yet and that will bring me back to the missing sub-title. I Denmark we have all medical care included in out taxes. Which is great.It means however that One cant just get whatever tests…

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