Do´s & Don´ts of Water Fasting

Do´s & Don´ts of Water Fasting

What can l drink during an Osmotic Water Fast?

  • Water!
  • Sparkling water without taste or any kind of sweeteners
  • Cell-drink (recipe here)
  • Herbal tea (Marcussens Universal tea and nettle is high in potassium and iron, peppermint tea is good for the stomach, camomile tea is calming)
  • Decaffeinated black coffee (Clipper is not using toxins to decaf)
  • Decaffeinated green tea (Clipper has one)
  • ACV

Thats it!
No need to write and ask about anything that is not on this list.
No need to write and refer and post links to others that recommends other stuff that is not on this list.
What is on this list is what you drink when you do Osmotic Water Fast.

Dirty and clean fasts

Its a load of rubbish!
Fasting means not eating. Period.
If you have the need to do “dirty” fasting you are not ready to fast.
Acknowledge that.
Its ok!
Instead, ask yourself why do you want to fast?
And if you want to fast for any of the benefits of fasting, then ask yourself why you are not just fasting?
There is no shortcut.
You cant be a little pregnant – either you are or you are not.
Same goes with fasting – either you are or you are not.
Water fasting is not eating and only drinking electrolytes.
Juice fasting is not eating and only drinking juices.
If you cant fast without diet coke or low calorie snacks then dont attempt to!
You are clearly not ready to, so dont!
Its ok

Sugar and fasting

DO NOT: end your fast on sugar!
Having a spike in your insulin before starting your fast will make your insulin plummet even further 12h into the fast.
That is why so many give up on water fasting because they never make it past the 12h mark.
It has nothing to do with willpower!
Its biochemistry – and chemistry always wins!

WHAT TO DO: Start up with 18:6 and go 100% Damore on it!
That means no sugar, grains, alkohol or caffeine.
All of those influence your insulin levels and therefore has the potential to make your fasting even harder than it needs to be.
Next, make sure you go into your fasting with a proper meal with protein, veggies and fats.

To Drink Enough or not to Drink Enough

a huge mistake many makes when water fasting is not drinking enough.
On top of that you also get many “water fasting gurus” that discourage you to drink enough by fx saying you should only drink a max of 2liters of salt water/electrolytes and not anything else.
I see a water fast as an opportunity to activate the bodys self healing powers and to do that you need to be mindful about its signals.
Also when it comes to water and salt water.
To drink when you are hungry is a good idea unless you use the water to divert from a pattern of binging every time things get emotional.
You see where l am going?
How much you should drink a day is individual.
And not only from person to person but also from day to day and hour to hour.
Giving yourself restrictions on when or how much you can drink is not going to encourage your self healing powers.
So aim for being mindful about your needs instead.

Coconut oil?

Yeah, l know..
I have said over and over that during a water fast the only thing you get is water and now l am going to tell you that unrefined organic coconut oil is too!
Let me elaborate.

Remember the post about the danger of water fasting and the 36h mark?
If not, please read it before you continue.

Coconut oil or MCT helps the body metabolise glucose and enhance ketosis 1) 2) 3) which is exactly what we are trying to do with the water fast.
Its also why the 24h-48h can be so tough!

MCT is also good for the hunger pangs you get sometimes during water fasting.
It releases CCK that makes you feel full and it lowers leptin in the brain all without raising insulin.

So you can, if you want to, take 1 teaspoon unrefined, organic coconut either and drink in your tea or just spoon it in that period to help you get into ketosis or get over hunger pangs or to support you with any of the liver/gallbladder issues you might get around the 36h mark.

More studies about MCT here here here here here here here

Now… please be honest with yourself!
If you read this post and immediately thought this would be a shortcut for your eating addiction to be thriving but you at the same time could pretend to be water fasting and be “just fine!” then take a deep breath!
Water fasting is amazing at unraveling a hidden eating addiction, but believe me;
your Ego will play tricks on you if it can!
If this is you; then you are also the one looking into dirty fasts to find out what you can “get away with” while water fasting.
Let me tell you: You cant!
There is no shortcut when it comes to addiction!
Its head on!
Acknowledge. Accept. Understand… Be kind….

Eat enough when you re-feed

This is a huge one!
Because we for 40 years have been told that we get fat when we eat too much and exercise too little we tend to think so.
Its not true
A lot of studies have proved that calories is a manmade concept like time and you can not think of them in a linear “calorie in/calorie out” line of thought.
It does not work like that!

l will write about that at another time!

What you need to know now is; when you water fast your focus is on

  • regulation of insulin
  • release of ketones
  • autophagy

Not at any point do we think of calories. Ever!
Not when you re-feed either!

You need to eat well, good, organic, nutrient dense food when you re-feed
Yes you have fat storages you take from and you will when you fast. Promise!
But when you re-feed make sure you first of all get enough to eat and make sure its proper nutrition, ok?
Be kind with your choices of food.


Keto sticks are great when you start out on water fasting.
They will give you an indication of when your body is in ketosis and burn fat instead of sugar 1).
After a while you dont need the keto sticks anymore because you can feel when that shift happens.
In the beginning you will see that the keto stick turns dark purple that is an indication of you being in heavy ketosis but after a few days/water fasts you will see that it no longer turns dark purple but more stays in the middle of the ketosis indication.
Is that because you are not longer in ketosis?
Well it can be.
Either you know that you were re-feeding on sugars and you are no longer in ketosis (but hey you didnt need a keto stick for that, right?) or you have been 100% straight with your diet and then its actually a good sign.
Your body are no longer excreting ketones but using them for self-healing which is exactly what you want when you are healing a chronic condition.
In several studies it has been made clear that the Damore-Diet (a ketogenic diet) is highly beneficial when it comes to brain health due to the ketogenic effect on the brain.
On a personal note; l am aiming for being as much in ketosis and autophagy as possible – l see it as the only possible way to heal and grow brain… just saying…
So if you are aiming for healing a chronic condition and reduce inflammation water fasting and keto re-feeding is the way to do it and you know that is happening when your keto stick is no longer dark purple.