I am a hedgehog

I am a hedgehog

I have had another nocturnal seizure.
Normally I am not aware that I have them, I just wake up exhausted, with brain-pain and a body feeling like I have spent 10 hours lifting weights.
And the morning I wake up, after a seizure, I am turned into a hedgehog.

Not cutie Mr. Pokee on the picture above, but curled up into a ball and just want to be left alone in quiet.
I dont want to be touched.
I dont want to talk.
I dont understand what is said.
I dont want company.
I just want to be left alone.

When l am a hedgehog I make sure I get my hydrocortisone, T3, CBD and glutathione.
I make sure I stay hydrated and eat.

And probably most importantly, l make sure I breathe, do yoga, stretching and meditate.
Not that l feel like it or want to, but because l know hydration, food and body awareness is good for all hedgehogs, especially the human ones. Right?

I am in England right now.

That is also how l know for sure l had a seizure because Lincoln woke me up, made sure l got my medication and turned the electric blanket on.
And its strange because l am not unconscious but l am not conscious either.
I am not asleep but l am not awake either.
I am in a no-where land between here and there.
And l do for the life of me not understand a single word spoken to me nor am l coherent myself.

Its quite a show.

I am finally having my consultation with a neurologist and getting the scans.
My lovely brother, William Kaspar, made it possible financially and Lincoln made it possible practically with months of phone calls and emails.
And now it´s happening.
So looking forward!

Hopefully the scans will show what is going on in my brain, how the level of oxygenation is, why l am getting the seizures and brain-pain and maybe l will find out why l turn into a hedgehog.

My plan is then to bring the scans back home to Denmark where I have a consultation with a neurologist in end June and that the scans will speed up the process in Denmark.
Thats the plan.

Greetings from the hedgehog

ps. l have no copyright to the photo of Mr. Pokee – follow him here if you want a daily smile.