I am not brain dead!

I am not brain dead!

I finally got my SPECT scan! It has been 10 months getting here and would not have been possible without all the help l have gotten!
l am so grateful for that!
Thank you!

We got the referral from Dr. McCorry to Trinity Medical Imaging in Sutton.
Turned out to be an amazing facility that l can highly recommend*.

If you, as l, have been to numerous neurologists being told all the things you are not, then this might be a solution for you too.

I have been to 10+ neurologists, in Spain, Denmark, Austria and England, every single one with a specialty which has ruled out all the things l dont have.
Which is great!
l now know:
l dont have a tumor
l dont have a bleeding
l might have had a minor stroke in 2016 but not sure for certain
l dont have Alzheimers
l dont have dementia
l might have vascular dementia though, but not sure for certain
l dont have epilepsy
and now l know for sure that l am not brain dead!

Whatever has happened l now know l dont have areas in the brain that has been without oxygen for that extended a period that is has destroyed brain tissue, which is so absolutely amazing!

Let me just clarify that l still haven´t had a consultation with a neurologist that has assessed the scans and given me the interpretation, l have only gotten the rapport from Trinity that says l am not brain dead.

So still, l am far from my goal, but to be honest with you; this is the first “you dont have” message l actually feel l can use!

I know it sounds silly, but the fear of having dead brain tissue has really been a concern of mine!
Dead tissue is gone.
You can’t grow an amputated leg.

I can however support, enhance, increase, boost, enrich, reinforce, advance and rebuild something that is not optimal.
And that is now my single goal.

Whatever IS wrong is no longer that important to me.

I now know what to do and l aim for a complete brain establishing.
Nothing less!
I will write about everything l do; the why´s, the how´s, the where´s in future posts.
I will give you all the information you need to “brain establish” yourself.

But next on the list, brain wise, is that l have the consultation with my neurologist in Denmark the 23rd of June to have the scans assessed.

Meanwhile ladies and gentlemen, l am going to fly to Thailand with my lovely brother William Kaspar; l am going to do yoga, enjoy vegan food, so next time you will hear from me I will be lying in a hammock sipping coconut water enjoying life and my not-brain-dead brain.

Lots of love

<3 P

If you have had a concussion, TBI, stroke or anything of the kind and you are not pleased with the treatment you have gotten in your own country l can highly recommend you to get a SPECT scan.

Click on the links above.
Book a consultation with Dr. McCorry, get a referral to Trinity and take the scan result back home to your country of origin and get your neurologist to asses it.
A consultation with Dr. McCorry is £200 and a SPECT scan is £1.400; add flights, transport, food and lodge and if you come from the States you will see its quite a good price and if you come from Denmark you will find it quite effortless compared to the daily battles with the health system.
Also, feel free to write to Lincoln if you have any further questions.
He is a fountain of knowledge!