I don´t eat meat because I lack protein!

I don´t eat meat because I lack protein!

As you might know l got admitted to the hospital this Tuesday* due to an Addison crisis.. thats another story.
However, when l was there they made an arterial blood sample that shows that l have low albumin levels.

l wasnt surprised about that since l havent been eating enough for a very long time.
Besides that, both my carb metabolism, my fat metabolism and my protein metabolism are almost zero, so even if l did eat enough l wouldnt be able to process it.

This is also why the fasting works so well for me.

l am literally directing all energy from my digestion to my brain rehabilitation.
(did you know you use 75% of your energy to digest?)

Ok, back to protein sources.

Before you get started on animal protein being complete, meaning they contain all amino acids, let me just stop you right there.

l dont work like that.
l dont think like that.
You need to widen your perspective and see the whole picture when we talk human recovery!

l am not interested in how a protein source looks in a petri dish.

l am only interested in how a protein source acts functionally in a live human body.

Mine to be specific.

and yes animal protein are a so called complete amino acid source (which means all amino acids are present) but it also comes with saturated fat, cholesterol, hormones, toxins and non of that is what my body needs right now.

I need unicorns and rainbows not clotted arteries and intestinal cancer.

Another super important thing (even though not much is more important than unicorns and rainbows!) is that animal protein and plant protein act completely different in the body!
– and that brings us back to functional medicine.

All forms of animal protein (both ours and the dead animal ones) act the same way no matter what source they come from.
They are super efficient in growing cells; ALL cells!
Healthy ones and cancerous ones alike!

So egg albumin is super efficient for the little chicken so she can grow into a huge hen.
Egg albumin is equally efficient in stimulating IGF which is associated with higher cancer growth rates!
Growth, growth, growth.

Plant proteins however does also contain all essential amino acids but not in the same ratio as animal protein – which actually turned out to be a good thing, numerous studies showed!

Plants limited amount of amino acids seems to have a protective effect so they do not promote cancer even when you combine lots of different plant proteins in one meal.

So getting plant proteins all of a sudden is no longer rocket surgery – anyone can eat veggies and get the amount of protein they need!

And if you just make sure you eat seeds, veggies and nuts every day you are sorted!
No killing – no lacking protein either – and most importantly.. no getting cancer!

Besides, being the proper nerd l am, l have researched this area for decades.
With the increasing amount of plant based eaters the amount of studies mapping out what is happening with a plant based animal protein free diet also increases.

You can read some of them here and a compilation of them here and another compilation of further studies here and here and here and watch a really good video here
AND you can buy the book “The China Study”

And look at the amount of protein you get from different plants:

Soy beans 36%
Pumpkin seeds 24%
Peanut butter 23%
Almonds 21%
Flax seeds 18%
Cashews 18%
Chia seeds 16%
So eating the vegan keto bread that l make is actually a super source of useful protein!

+ dont even get me started on the other good stuff you get in plant proteins that are nowhere to be found in animal protein: phytonutrients, fibers, flavonoids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

So what do l eat?

Well, l make sure l get enough food, first of all.
Which is difficult since l am not hungry.
I aim for 1kg of veggies.
Yep! 1kg .. that is 2 pounds.. a lot!

Besides that l make sure l get some kind of plant protein and here you have to find out for yourself which ones you react the best to.

If you eat keto you can chose all kinds of veggies, edamame/spinach pasta, Naturli´ veggie bites that are made of soy, l eat my vegan keto bread, l use unsweetened soy milk in my immuni-tea and l get nuts, almonds and peanut butter every day too.

if you dont eat keto you can add red lentil pasta and mung bean daal to the list.

And thats it

If you have any questions feel free to join my Facebook group in this one we talk vegan keto, intermittent fasting 18:6 and water fast.
I would love to meet you there.

P <3

And finally: You can put on the nerd hat and read more here and here and here and here and here and here

  • Before you get alarmed: it was not “this Tuesday” l was admitted for Addison crisis!!!
    The article took a bit longer to write because l forgot l had started it!!!