Is a 110h water fast a failure?

Is a 110h water fast a failure?

Ok, let´s talk failure and disappointment in one self.

In a lot of the fasting groups on Facebook l often read post where someone had decided to do a 48h, 72h, 96h or even 1 week water fast but for some reason they stopped the fast before they were supposed to.

All of them – without an exception – touch on the topic of feeling like a failure.

“I am so disappointed in myself” one writes
“l hate myself for quitting” another one writes
“l feel like such a failure” another one says

l planned to do a 140h fast because it fit perfectly into my program.
Starting my fast Saturday and ending it Friday, would fit perfectly because l am going to a Christning on Sunday where there is going to be lots of vegan food and cosy talks and l most definitely did not want to fast for that!

So 140h was perfect!
But after 110h l stopped the fast.
Does that make me a failure?

Most definitely not!

Listen, you do this for your body!
You are water fasting for your body so it can get some quiet to support itself and activate the self-healing powers, right?

No matter if its for weight loss or pain management, for brain clarity or sorting out a Type II diabetes, you do this for your body.
Not your Ego!

When l set the fasting period for 140h it was set because it fit into a schedule.
Not because l had a crystal bowl and the powers to read into the future and knew 140h would be perfect for my body.
It was pure planning.
But since l do this for my body and not for my Ego, l can only continue the fast as long as my body enjoys the process.
When my body tells me “yeah, its time!”… then ladies and gentlemen… its time!
No arguing about it!

I felt that l was closing in to the end of the fast after 96h but since it was evening and l would sleep during the rest of the fast, l made some humus (protein and fats) and had prepared with protein crisp bread, and more fats from Smørbar (vegan butter) and cheese (loads of MCT) and had that in my fridge in case l would wake up during the night needing food.

I also wanted to wake up fasting because when l eat, no matter what l eat, the inflammation in my mast cells in the brain flair up and l get insane headaches and body pain, and l wanted to push that pain in front of me as much as l can.

And thats it.

You are never a failure.
You should never be disappointed in yourself.
And when your body tells you its time to stop the fast: its not called quitting.
Its called “ending the fast because your body tells you to”!

Learning how to read your body and your symptoms and respecting what your body asks of you is some of the huge benefits of doing water fasts.
– Even if you struggle with a food addiction – but that is stuff for another post.


Protein and fats with protein and fats … and a red bell pepper…