30-Day 18:6 & Water Fast Challenge start 1st of September

30-Day 18:6 & Water Fast Challenge start 1st of September

ADF – Alternate Day Fasting – is without a doubt the most efficient and beneficial way to heal the body, lose weight, activate autophagy and regain health.

And l would like to join you in that endeavour, l do it regularly anyway and if you want to give it a go, and not be alone in it, you can join my 30-day challenge starting September 1st.

Start by joining the Facebook group where l already give advice regarding18:6 intermittent fasting, (vegan) Keto diet and water fasting to heal chronic conditions.
You join the fasting family here Facebook group

Obviously its free!
Everything l do is for free and this is no different!

What you have to do

  • Join the group here in English and in Danish here
    Note that l only want 1000 members in the groups.
    I like the closeness and intimate communication so when we reach 1000 members l will keep the active fasters which means that when you take a break from fasting you leave the group and just apply to re-join whenever you start to fast again.
  • Read the post l made about the cell-drink here and get what you need to start the fast.
  • Start with an intermittent 18:6 fast now and change your diet to keto if it isnt already.
    That means that you are eating keto in a 6 hour window, and fasting in an 18 hour window every day. You will get help to doing that in the groups. Make sure when you join the groups you go directly to the Teaching Modules and learn all you need to know.
    Read the material, watch all the videos and share how you are doing in the group.
  • Avoid sugar, starch, caffeine and alcohol
  • And most importantly: Make the 18: 6 into a lifestyle!

Honestly l have to say that if you havent made 18:6 Keto into a livestyle when we reach September 1st l dont think you should join in with the water fast until you have.

It will be too hard for you and you will be too focused on “pulling yourself together” and you will hardly be able to stick with the program for 1 full month which will just give you the feeling of defeat and that is the exact opposite of the experience l would like for you to have while water fasting!


if you are not enjoying your water fast,
you are doing something you shouldn´t!

So start at the beginning and make 18:6 keto into a lifestyle.

But let me just say that IF you at any point experience the feeling of defeat please share in the group, ok?
You are not alone!

Join the circle

  • and then get this app and find the circle called “Osmotic Water Fast” so you can see you are not the only one fasting right now!
    Its such a psychological support in seeing that!

How you prepare

Ensures your level of electrolytes are not depleted during the fasting days.
It is not recommended to fast without these electrolytes! 
You can read the full post about the cell-drink and why its so important here

This is what you need:

Bragg ACV – apple cider vinegar
Sodium Bicarbonate – make sure it only contains that! nothing else!
Either Magnesium CITRATE 300mg or magnesium (BIS)BLYCINATE 500mg
Potassium CHLORIDE  in powder
Maldon salt or any other pure sea salt 
A 1liter bottle to have the cell-drink in
Organic unrefined coconut oil*

Herb tea
De-Caffeinated coffee
De-Caffeinated tea (green or black)
*Organic unrefined coconut oil*

*I have the organic unrefined coconut oil on the list twice because in my opinion its important to have in case you need a liver/gallbladder support around your 36th hour.
Read here why

What program are we using?

We are using the 18:6 & 42h program.
You can read the full program post here

A note about weight loss

YES l know you are going to lose a lot of weight when doing 18:6 keto and even more weight when water fasting and YES its so tempting to jump on the bandwagon because we have 18 weeks left of 2019 and you can easy peasy be 18kg leaner when we hit New Year’s Eve and l know that might be a huge motivating factor for you to join.

I myself gained + 20kg after I started on the meds that saved my life last fall and l am grateful for being here!
But l would be lying if l said that l didnt mind the +20kg!
I do mind!
Because l dont recognise myself in my new body.


that is not why l am water fasting!
I am water fasting because of the influence it has on autophagy, brain recovery and the overall feeling l get on how it is to BE me.
How it feels in the body when l move.
My brain clarity, my increased flexibility, how l can walk among other people that smell and are noisy without gagging, how l can follow conversations, how l am completely free from pain on my fasting days.

The water fasting has made the impossible possible.

I am healing and recovering an injured brain!

And that is so much more important than how my body looks in the mirror!

So l need for you to have these reflections too
Yes, you may want to join The 18:6 to Water Fast Program and look forward to finally being able to lose weight, but please, sweet lovely-you, make sure you have equally much awareness about how it is to BE you!


You can join the 18:6 to water fast if you are:

  • Overweight
  • Chronically ill – everyone with chronic pain, inflammation, etc. (check with your doctor)
  • Food addicts – sugar addicts, binge eaters etc.
  • Type 2 diabetics
  • Everyone using statins (check with your doctor)
  • Everyone using hydrocortisone (you just melt it in your mouth – but check with your doctor)
  • Everyone with hypothyroidism / hyperthyroidism / Hashimotos
  • Everyone who wants to give it a go


You can not join the 18:6 to water fast if you are

  • Underweight
  • Normal weight – or that is; you can’t fast for long because the fat deposits drop so efficiently that you very quickly will fall into the underweight category. The “problem” is that the effect of water fasting continues even when you have stopped fasting so that you (as a “normal” person) will continue to lose weight for up to 1 month after ending your water fast. Start with the 18:6, try out OMAD (eat every 24h) and see how your body responds to the intermittent fasting before you start with water fasting.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding
  • Using Metformin – it works directly against what the body is doing during water fasting.
    You should talk to your doctor about either getting off Metformin (which you may NEVER do on your own) or continuing taking Metformin and simply just stick with the 18: 6 keto program.
  • Type 1 diabetics

You need to talk with your doctor if

  • You are on any kind of cardiac medication
  • If you are in doubt – if you are in doubt, you are not in doubt!

NOTE: yes l am a doctor but l am not your doctor so check with the one that knows you best before you start any change!

And thats it

I look forward to meeting you in the group
P <3

The 1st of September we start on the basic 18:6 – 42h water fast program as you see it above.