Keto Police; mind your own business & eat less meat!

Keto Police; mind your own business & eat less meat!

My goodness!
I never thought being vegan keto would be such a mine field to step into but l keep getting remarks like:

“You cant be vegan AND keto!”

“If you dont eat meat you are not producing enough ketones!”

“Too many vegetables are throwing you out of ketosis!”

“Vegetables produce too much insulin in the body and are not keto!”

“Soy is not keto!”

“Vegan cheese is 21g carbs and therefore not keto!”

and on and on and on they go!

Listen up!
All of you!

First off: there are no set in stone guidelines for keto – you must know that!

Yes of course; by avoiding starch, sugars and artificial sugars (as aspartame and stevia that so many keto followers are using on a daily basis, mind you) you will stay in ketosis even when you eat.

And that is actually the only thing One can do to know if the diet you eat is keto for you!
Sticks the urine or do a blood test.

I know life would be so much easier if it came with a manual but you only have your common sense.
So use that!

You have to look at keto FUNCTIONALLY in YOUR body!
And mind your own business – focus on your own process.

Now we are at it then let me just circle back to the one l just mentioned: Did you know Mr. Keto Police, that the artificial sweetener that you use in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G (aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame saccharin and stevia) actually release insulin due to the sweet taste?

And the only reason soy is not recommended on a keto diet is not due to its low carb content but because most soy in the states are GMO!

Did you also know that while dairy is widely used on the keto diet, it is actually not recommended?
Read here from the Keto Summit and the reason why here

Uh and let me just share this VERY interesting study with you that showed that even though the carb load in dairy products are low the residual animal protein raises the insulin after you have eaten them.
So yeah Mr. Keto Police:
My vegan grated cheese might be at 21g of carbs on the pack but l pee ketones after eating it and you my friend after eating your 0,1 carb cow cheese are releasing insulin like you were paid to do it due to the animal protein!
Didn’t see that one coming did you?!

And one last thing now we are at it: did you know that you are actually plummeting straight out of ketosis when you consume all the meat you are?
Ever wondered why high meat consumption is linked to Type 2 Diabetes?
Well scientists have and they found out that too much animal protein in the gut increases insulin.
Yet another proff that what you find in a petri dish is not law!
It says nothing about the functional effect.

So… yeah… l am Vegan Keto and l am in ketosis all the time!
I do ADF so l fast for 44h, 3 times a week and since l am in ketosis when l enter my fast l am in autophagy within 12 hours and enjoy 32h of autophagy before breaking my fast with another vegan keto meal.

Now l am not telling you that how l am doing it is how you should be doing it because l would not have that knowledge.
You do!

So keep your focus on your plate and how it feels to be in your body and whatever works for you, you just keep doing.

And l will do the same

Love and purple keto sticks

Dr. Damore