Osmotic Water Fast – The Program

Osmotic Water Fast – The Program

I have made 3 programs and a full 30-day program for you which you can use with the Osmotic Water Fast.

The first one is based on Dr. Jason Fungs recommendations from his book “The Complere Guide To Fasting” the other programs are based on my own experience.

The programs are quite simple and very easy to use but first prepare yourself both mentally and physically to use them.

You do that with starting out with a normal 18:6.
Take your time to make it into a lifestyle that fits your life and where you dont think about eating and fasting windows at all.. you just live it!

When you get to that point you are ready to start the Osmotic Water Fast Programs.

When you are doing 18:6 or any other fast less than 24h you dont need to add electrolytes. Your eating window provides that.
As soon as you start to fast longer than 24h you need electrolytes.
Read about it here.

The 42h Program

You fast Monday, Wednesday and Friday and continue your normal 18:6 for the rest of the week, which means you feast in a 6h window.
With this program you can decide when you want your feasting window.
As long as you stick to those hours you will have 42h fasting windows.
This program is your “go-to” program if you want to drop a few kilos or if you want a moderate weight loss.
As soon as you reach your desired weight or your symptoms has disappeared you go back to a normal 18:6 as a maintenance program.

I have tried this program but with the OMAD (One Meal A Day) instead of eating in a 6h window.
So with OMAD you gather your breakfast, lunch and dinner in a 1 hour window instead of a 6 hour window..
For me that did not work at all!
I quickly found out that l wasn’t getting enough food to eat.
I am plant based and first of all veggies take up a lot of space in the stomach due to the fiber content which meant l got full quite quick and therefore (secondly) l ended up not getting enough calories.

Now l know l say that calories and counting calories is pointless.
And it is – calories is a man-made concept just like the concept of time.
l will at a later point bombard you with all reasons and all the studies to show you why calorie counting actually is pointless and even counter productive
And it is super counter productive: unless you use it to gauge how little you eat!

When only eating every 48h you need to pack in a lot of food not to risk being malnourished.
And getting less than 2000kcal every 48h is simply too little.
I could never push my one meal up to more than 800kcal!

Then l tried to expand my window like Gil Stephens is suggesting in her book “Delay Dont Deny”.
She says you can expand your window as much as you want but only have one main meal a day.
For me that ended up like an 18:6 but with restrictions!
That did not work for me either!
But that was me!
Please feel free to test if the above program and see if it works for you with OMAD.

But then l found the Jason Fungs program in his book “The Complete Guide to Fasting”.
I adapted his program a bit and that is what you see above.
That works!
Very well indeed!
And this program ended up being my absolute favourite!
Whenever you want to do 1 month of water fasting this is the program you should use!!!

Its an amazing program for weight loss and its completely doable.
You can socialise, you eat what you want and you still get all the fasting benefits because your fasting window is longer than 36h.
I have to say though; its a weight loss program!
You WILL lose weight!
So use the program until you have reached the weight your body is comfortable with and then go to the maintenance program which can either be 18:6 or 16:8 depending on your metabolism.

The 66h program

An equally easy and very doable program as the 42h program is the 66h program
You simply add a day to your fasting but still got the weekend off with eating windows to socialise.

If you have any kind of chronic condition and want to have the effects of extended fasting this is the program for you!

The 72h program

And at the moment The 72h Program is my favourite.

I have just told you that the 48h program with OMAD did not work so why does the 72h program work?
l cant answer that!
I think its because; in The 72h Program because the fasting is so long there is not so much focus on eating, the focus is on fasting, where as in The 48h Program the fasting period is shorter and you never really get to the “sweet spot” where its just smoothe sailing and the fasting just feels natural.
It might also be because l feel more like eating fat and protein after a longer fast than after shorter ones so l am much more focused on the keto part of the diet.
I dont know…
Anyway, in my 2h eating window in The 72h Program I make sure l get a lot of fats and protein.
l add Smørbar the danish vegan spreadable from Naturli´ to my food, it contains MCT and l use Violife grated cheese on top of oven bakes and in sauces and stews, again; lots of MCT and l use easy digestable veggies for my dishes and make green smoothie with spinach, almonds, avocado, ginger powder, glutamine and half soy milk half water.
A pure potassium bomb!
In my eating window l eat S.L.O.W.L.Y and practically non-stop in the 2 hours duration.
As you see on the times for the eating window the program can be done back2back.

And I have done The 72h Program back2back many times.
I do however feel that after approximately 6 back2back fasts l needed a 3 days of 18:6 re-feeding for the exact reason why l cant do the OMAD!
What l do then is l use the 72h program for as long as its enjoyable and then go back to my favourite 48h program.

The 30-day program

The last program l want to show you is a 30-day program.
It is actually 3 different programs put together in a 30-day sequence.
The beauty of this is that you can change it up as you feel like, l will get to that.

First of all lets look at the 30-day sequence.
The 30-day program, in the sequence you see below, you can repeat as many times as you want to.

This is the program:


a max of 42h fast


For me with my brain injury symptoms l feel best with fasting longer than 72h but not longer than 96h so the 90h fast works perfect plus l get a proper re-feed on my Thursday in the 6h window.


a demanding 135h fast. Start with the Re-feeding soup at 09:00 and sip 200ml at least every other hour. When you feel ready (at 12:00?) make a full veggie soup, a daal with lentils/split mung beans or anything similar and eat it s.l.o.w.l.y!


As you see the Monday is set as fast – what l mean with that is: continue the light re-feed from yesterday, not on set times but when your stomach is ready.
From Tuesday you are back to a “normal” 18:6.

Change it up

When you are comfortable fasting you can start to change the 30-day program up as you feel like.
Thats another beauty of the program.
Because even when you do that, you wont at any point go longer than 5 days of fasting which means if you follow my instructions*, you are in no danger, at any point, in any way.

But changing the 30-day program up is amazing because which week-program you pick to use in this week and in next week is completely up to you.
You are fully allowed to mix them up and create a sequence that works for you as long as you follow my instructions.

Please note; my instructions makes it clear that you can not do the week 3 program back2back!
Just wanted to make sure you understood that!
What you can do if you enjoy the week 3 program is to make it repetitive with the week 4 program
That you can repeat as many times as you want because the 18:6 days in the week 4 program makes sure you are well fed to do 5 days fast every other week in the week 3 program.

When you crate your own 30-day sequence you only have to make sure you have some proper feeing days.
It is very easy not to get enough nutrients while fasting and yes l know you might have given yourself a headstart with too much feeding for too many years.
And yes, all studies show that you are not going low in any nutrients at any point when fasting up to 5 days at a time.
And yes, If you are carrying and excess of 20kg fat you can easily fast for 30days straight without any signs of malnourishment!

However you still need to keep your body awareness alert at all time, ok?
Remember; you are doing this for your body, not your Ego!
So respect its wishes and create a fasting sequence that you enjoy!

Enjoyment is key when we talk water fasting!
If you are not enjoying it; you are doing something you shouldn’t!

What l like about the freedom in the 30-day program is, as l said, you can change it up so it fits you.
That way you also trick your body into being on its toes and not get comfortable and unresponsive in a routine.
And one final reason why l love the freedom in the 30-day program: it never gets boring!

The only thing you have to keep in mind is after the 5 day fast in the week 3 program is you need to:
1. SLOWLY introduce easy digestible foods like The Re-Feed Soup, daal, veggie soup and other easy digestibles.
2. Plan 18:6 feeding days after the 5 day fast and allow yourself to have as many as the body need you to have, ok!

Longer fasts

Obviously you can continue with as many fasting days as you want to and l know its a bit hypocritical of me to tell you not to fast longer than 5 days when l have done it myself numerous times, the reason is though; l am a doctor.
l know the signs and l am on top of my indications 24/7.
I have no problem with Ego, l can start and stop a fast purely based on my bodys reactions and until you have that connection with your body too, l would suggest you to stick with the 30-day program above.
I will say this; IF you want to go on fasts longer than 5 days remember to:

1. See your doctor! make sure she is on board!

2. SLOWLY introduce easy digestible foods like The Re-Feed Soup, daal, veggie soup and other easy digesaibles.

3. Have feeding days matching half the length of your fast. So a 7 days fast needs to be followed by 3-4 days of re-feeing.

Intuitive Fast

The last kind of fasting l just want to mention is what l call “Intuitive Fasting”.
Its how my brother does it.
There is no program.
You dont focus at all on an eating window – when you eat you just eat, as long as you feel like.
Your focus is only on the fasting window – when you fast, you fast as long as you feel like.

Now obviously this does not work if you have any kind of food addiction or you are prone to be run by the little voice in your head that only want you to fail.
It only works if you are 100% clear on your target and 100% in-tuned with your body.
That said: intuitive fasting might be the most freeing and enjoyable kind of fasting!

So l asked my brother how he manage the intuitive fasting and he explained:
“I tried 18:6 for a long time but l felt very restricted by the eating window.
My focus became all about eating, and “making it” before the window closed.
And sometimes having the eating window just didn’t fit or l wasn’t really hungry but felt that l had to eat and l did eat because my window was about to close.
That didn’t work for me at all!
So instead of having a fixed eating window l just eat when it fits and l feel hungry.

At the same time l do the same with fasting.
Instead of having a pre-set fasting time, l look at my coming weeks and fast when it fits.
If l cant fast longer than 24h l dont regard it as a fast, as Pernille says :” if you are eating every day you are not fasting” so in my mind a fast is 24h+.
That means that l do have periods in what you would call “my eating window” where l fast up to 18h-22h but l dont regard it as fasting.
I just dont eat.
That feels less restrictive.
Because if l feel like eating l just do and if l dont feel like eating l just dont.

When l am fasting then l simply decide that now l am fasting for this of that long and then l do.
I drink the cell-drink but otherwise just go about my day as normal.
How long my fasting lasts depends on work and events.
Normally my fasting is between 48h up to 5 days.
Obviously when l am fasting l might still see food that l would like to eat, but l dont because l am fasting.
I know the taste of it and can have as much of it as l want when l am done fasting.
Its really that uncomplicated.”

In my opinion this is how all of us should go about water fasting.
This is how our body was build to function.
To have periods were we eat and have periods were we dont.
No fuss about it.

And if you as my brother has that kind of clarity about when is what, then l most definitely think you should try it out.
If you have any questions you would like to ask him about intuitive fasting feel free to write him in the group.

Final word

Ok, that was it.
I have gathered all information you need here on the blog.
I have also created a page on Facebook where l write.
The English speaking page is here and the danish speaking page is here
And l have created a group for you.
You will soon find out how nice it is to have someone to lean on and share with, to hold you accountable and its nice to feel you are never alone in this.
Other people are as insane as you are!
+ when my brain allows me l am active in the groups so you can ask me questions (please dont PM me!) and when my brain keeps me isolated there are other participants that would love to show you support.
The English speaking group is here and the danish speaking group is here.

I keep the groups small.
I like the intimacy so we are a max of 1000 members and all members are active fasting.
To keep it like that, l let people out of the groups that are not active fasting to allow new members in.
Whenever you want to come back to the group you just apply again.

If you enjoy the diversity in a big group l can warmly recommend you this one on Facebook.
It has +100.000 members and focus is on weight loss not curing and healing chronic diseases, however, the admin team is amazing, the teaching section is really good and informative and the tone in the group is supportive and kind.
There are obviously other fasting groups on Facebook l am just very picky and will only surround myself with kind people who wants the best for me so this group is the only one l will recommend you.

I can also recommend you to download the fasting app LIFE.
Of all the apps out there its the one l prefer the most due to its easy usability where you set the fasting times yourself and its not done by a fixed program for you.
If you want to you can find me in “circles” under the name “Osmotic Water Fasting”

This pic is from back when it was only my mum, my brother and myself that were members of the group 🙂
Its a bit different now. Feel free to sign up and join us.

That was it from me…

P <3