Pick your hard – water fasting and brain recovery

Pick your hard – water fasting and brain recovery

When people find out l am water fasting their first response is: “Isn’t that hard?!”
And yes!
It is!
Not eating and only drinking salt water for 3 days, you bet its hard!
Of course it is!
Anyone that says otherwise cant be from this planet!

But HOW hard it is, obviously is subjective.

If you are in good health, wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and get dressed by singing birds then of course doing a water fast will be hard.

But if you have a chronical condition, chemical meds are keeping you alive, you might even be obese and you wake up in the morning in immense pain.
You experience overload of the brain, so you cant be out amongst people because they smell, are noisy and there are lights reflecting everywhere then, believe me, water fasting is easy peasy when all that (like magic) disappears!

And that is what has happened with me!

I have since the accident in ´12 had bouts of immense “migraines”.
We now know it is not migraines but inflammation of the mast cells in the brain.
They incapacitated me.
I couldn’t go out, l was just lying in bed in darkness in immense pain and vomiting.
That went on for 4 years!

Then in ´16 l developed Addisons on top of it.
I went with undiagnosed with Addisons symptoms for another 2 years.
I was waking up in so much pain in my stomach, hips and legs that l couldn’t stand.
My balance was off so l was walking with a cane,
I had nightly seizures, non-stop vomiting and diarrheas and for 1,5 year l was isolated in my dads summerhouse in the woods without any contact to anyone, just to give my brain calm and quiet and a chance to rejuvenate.
And as the cherry on the top l gained 40lbs!

I have no idea how l did it!

So since ´12 its been more than 7,5 years where l haven´t been socialising because l couldn’t.
I have lost my ability to work, to be at gatherings where a lot of people talk at the same time (and everyone smells!)
l have lost my family, Amalie was 12 and Ben was 17 when the accident happened all those important years of their lives have l lost.

And now, by only drinking salt water for 70 hours and eating for 2 hours l wake up with energy every morning.
I have no pain.
I have no headaches.
I have no seizures.
I can be in the metro, with a lot of people that are noisy and smell without repercussions and gagging.
I can walk in the streets of Copenhagen during the day, with people, reflections, smells, noise without having ear plugs in and l dont have to spend the next 2 days alone in darkness and quiet.
I have gone from 60mg hydrocortisone (for the Addisons) to 15mg
I have gone from 60mcg of T3 (for hypothyroidism) to 40mcg.
I can read, l can write, l can listen to music, l can watch television.
And all that… only because l am not eating for 70h!

Water fasting has helped me immensely in my brain recovery.
No doubt about that.
So when people ask me: “water fasting! isn’t that hard?!”
l usually reply: “compared to what?”

Love P <3

l obviously have to say that if you are chronically ill, DO NOT do as l did!
l am a doctor, l know what my bodily reactions mean biochemically.
So DO NOT go off any meds without consulting your own physician first!

I am currently creating a cell mix that will support your electrolyte balance so you wont develop brain oedema or shift your sensitive cell balance while water fasting.
As soon as l am 100% on the ratios of the mix and how it works while water fasting l will give you the recipe so you can make it yourself at home and then you can water fast with that.
Another note is: DO NOT water fast for longer than 72 hours
Promise me!
I will write another post about why not!