Hypothyroid? Check your potassium!

Hypothyroid? Check your potassium!

l lack potassium! Which is kinda weird since Addisons normally have high potassium and low sodium.
I am low in everything … potassium and sodium, so l need to have an extra eye on getting enough of both.
I use electrolytes (from BulkPowders btw) when l feel l need extra and otherwise l get potassium via my diet.
It’s ridiculously easy!

Low potassium is the cause for a lot of symptoms that the majority of people are not aware of and in many cases get treated for, but rarely by adding the potassium to their diet that their body really needs.

If you have any of the following symptoms please go to your GP and have your potassium levels tested:

High Blood pressure

Insulin resistance

Sugar addiction




Weight increase



Swollen lymph nodes




Muscle cramps

Tiredness in muscles



I am struggling with too acidic blood and urine due to my low potassium levels. That is because one of the biggest problems with low potassium is that your overall pH value gets acidic since your body uses potassium to neutralise non-carbonic acids from your digestion.

And that makes you more prone to bacterial and viral diseases, kidney stones and poor flora.
It´s a slippery slope – and one that really needs regulating. l am well aware of the importance of potassium and if you are hypothyroid l would suggest you become aware of that too.

Low potassium is a very overlooked aspect in its connection to hypothyroidism.
Because l mean: Look at the list!?

Most symptoms on the list are similar to the symptoms of hypothyroidism!
Your endo might be very keen on your thyroid meds and actually overlook your potassium levels.
Next time you are at your endo, have your potassium checked too.

These are the 13 tests l would suggest you ask your GP to make:


(WHY? Those 4 are all the electrolytes and say a lot about how your cells are on the inside and about the diffusion over the cell membrane)

* NOTE: if you are hypothyroid, and you have found that your body works better on T3 meds compared to T4 and you have all the symptoms mentioned above and your potassium level is “normal” then ask your GP/endo to make a RBC (red blood cell) potassium test.

Why? Because us hypothyroid ones tend to have a lot of issues with metabolic conversion. Meaning: getting the stuff from outside the cell INTO the cell. That is why your body prefers the T3 meds (the inside the cell hormone) in comparison to T4 meds (outside the cell hormone that needs conversion).
You might find that you have fine numbers of potassium OUTSIDE the cell but low levels INSIDE the cell, so have it checked out!


(WHY? …those are the relevant thyroid hormones.
Remember: Only the T3 tells anything about how it looks inside the cell.

The next 4 tests are in my opinion equally important in comparison to your thyroid health:


(WHY? it shows how your adrenals are doing. Adrenal health and thyroid health are connected. Two sides of the same coin.)


(WHY? …those are your cholesterol and the foundation in creation of all steroids.
A high cholesterol is not dangerous no matter what they try to tell you.
However, if you are plant based (and therefore not eating any cholesterol via your diet) and you are sugar free (and therefore not spiking your cholesterol via your insulin) and you still have high cholesterol then it might be because your body is trying to raise your steroid level.

We call hormones that are created with cholesterol for steroids.
l mention this because all of us with hypopituritism no longer produce steroids ourselves and the body, until your meds level is normalised, will try to do it on its own, often by raising your cholesterol levels. )

Ok, so far so good.

You need aprox. 4g of potassium a day HOWEVER l hate when you are given numbers like that so please forget those 4g right away!

Because no human on the planet is that simply sorted out!

Your biochemistry is so much more complex than one number.
Your body is a symphony orchestra and aiming for reaching a number would be like focusing on the piccolo flute!

You would completely be missing the point!

It is rare you will hear me say this but; aim for good potassium rich foods and you will be just fine!

So lets look at potassium rich foods.

First of all.
Eat plant based! Cant repeat that one enough!
It’s the only way you make sure you get all your veggies and are not filling yourself up with non-useful foods.

This is my potassium favourite:

Make a smoothie of spinach, apple, almonds, banana – which are all rich in potassium, add water, lemon juice and ginger powder for taste.
The pic at the top is one of my daily potassium bombs.

When you cook have a focus on: zucchini, broccoli, peas, beetroots, mushrooms, soybeans, lentils, lima, pinto and kidney beans all are very rich in potassium.

And as a bonus you can make your own potassium rich chocolate bar of dried dates, 100% pure cacao powder and 100% pure cacao buttons (l get mine from BulkPowders), add coconut oil and a bit of salt and water and you have a potassium rich chocolate bar.

Confused? Put all of it in the blender and you will see…

See? Not difficult at all!


Love P