Pick your hard – water fasting and brain recovery

When people find out l am water fasting their first response is: "Isn't that hard?!"And yes! It is!Not eating and only drinking salt water for 3 days, you bet its hard!Of course it is!Anyone that says otherwise cant be from this planet! But HOW hard it is, obviously is subjective. If you are in good health, wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and get dressed by singing birds then of course doing a water fast will be hard. But if you have a chronical condition, chemical meds are keeping you alive, you might even be…

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Handicapped. Inadequate. Vulnerable

Today l feel especially handicapped. l know l am handicapped. l know my brain injury gives me an invisible handicap where l look normal but perceive everything abnormal.And that is confusing for people. l am used to that. They don’t know any better so l no longer get hurt by remarks, prejudice or rude behaviour. They dont know any better. If l was blind they wouldn’t keep throwing me a ball. But l am not. l look, speak, interact (at least at first glance) completely normal.So when my handicap kick in people just think l am immensely darf, not listening, disinterested or anything else…

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