Vegan Keto Curry Re-feed

Re-feed between the fasts is just as important as getting the salt while you fast.And yet not many people talk about the re-feeds so l am going to do that from now on! I am plant based and l am eating keto - both because it supports my brain recovery the most.This is what l made for me and my brother yesterday. My brother came by, after work, ending his 92h fast and l was ending my 44h fast so both of us were looking forward to a proper meal What you need for the rice White cabbage rice -…

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How to deal with cruelty

I just want to share how l managed the profound sadness l felt the other day. Its a bit long so please bare with me First l allowed myself to be sad. When l felt the sadness stated to dissolve l read all your messages and they soothed me so much. Thank you all so much! Then l meditated on the sadness to find the real cause of it. The meditation l used was a Metta meditation, its where you repeat an intent, and l really needed that! In a Metta meditation you first wish your intent for yourself. Then you wish…

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Handicapped. Inadequate. Vulnerable

Today l feel especially handicapped. l know l am handicapped. l know my brain injury gives me an invisible handicap where l look normal but perceive everything abnormal.And that is confusing for people. l am used to that. They don’t know any better so l no longer get hurt by remarks, prejudice or rude behaviour. They dont know any better. If l was blind they wouldn’t keep throwing me a ball. But l am not. l look, speak, interact (at least at first glance) completely normal.So when my handicap kick in people just think l am immensely darf, not listening, disinterested or anything else…

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