Fasting – what happens when?

Fasting – what happens when?

In order to tell you more about water fasting let me just tell you about what is happening in the body when you are fasting and why l have been so against water fasting.

Intermittent Fasting is great! No debate about that!

There are so many benefits that l will dedicate an entire post to that.
The difference between Intermitten Fasting (IF) and Extended Fasting (EF) is that in IF you eat every day, in EF you go longer than 1 day without food.

The main reason to why l have been so against EF is (besides the dehydration of the cells) that something profound (and dangerous) happens when you have been water fasting for 36h.

Until the 36h mark water fasting is just a walk in the park!

Nothing much really happens until the 12h mark.
Everyone can go without food for 12 hours!
Its basically just a good night sleep!

But between the 12h and 24h mark a lot is happening!

Between 12h and 18h your liver has emptied its glycogen (sugar) storage and start to burn off fat.
What is called “ketosis“.
So doing an 18:6 every day gives you a 6h fat-burning-window.
And seriously!
If you cant fast for 18h where you sleep or prepare for sleep and wake up for the majority of the 18 hours, you really need to look into eating addictions.

From the 14h mark you start autophagy which is when your cells are recycling old components and breaking down mis-folded proteins.
Autophagy is how you can loose 100kg and your skin will tighten up and not leave you with an empty skin-sack where your belly used to be.
Autophagy is what is smoothing out wrinkles and stretch marks
So you do want autophagy, its basically initiating an internal recycling plant re-using everything damaging and turning it into fuel.

In my opinion doing an 18:6 is the easiest and most efficient kind of fasting there is.
You eat every day.
You still have a social life and you dont have to tell anyone that you are fasting.
You burn fat with ease
Whats not to like?
In my opinion 18:6 is the “Magic Diet Pill” everyone has been looking for.
And its free…

So why continue after the 18h mark?

Well, studies has shown that fasting for 12h-24h a day gives you an increase of 60% energy from fat with the biggest change happening after 18h.
And that is why OMAD (One Meal A Day) is so popular and efficient.
You basically fast for 23h and eat for 1h – all your foods in one meal.
OMAD is a bit more demanding.
Its more difficult to plan your social life around 1 hour a day and people are bound to find out and start giving you “advice” to why you shouldn´t do this!
With the best intensions your loved ones quickly turn into being discouraging for your fast.
That is why l always recommend you NOT to tell anyone you are fasting, no matter which kind of fasting you are doing.
The main reason they do it is because they love you and dont want to fast themselves and it is so much easier to discourage than research.

Up until the 23h mark l have always been a strong supporter of fasting because if you eat every single day, in my opinion you are not really fasting!
Yes, you are not eating for 18-23 hours but you ARE eating.
If you eat every day, the focus is also on the eating.
And that is the main difference between IF and EF.
In IF you still plan, shop, prepare, cook, eat and clean up after your eating.

In EF there is non of that.
The focus is not on the eating but the fasting.

Psychologically and mentally that is great if you have any kind of everyday eating disorder (not the hard core chronic anorexia or bulimia mind you) or if you are fixated on your weight, body shape and so on.
Getting a focus on fasting instead of eating frees up so much time and energy that you are forced to take a hard look at how you chose to manage yourself during your everyday life.
Maybe also why so many find this period past the 24h so difficult.
And its a huge opportunity to really get into meditation!
Your awareness on all levels towards everyone gets heightened.
Its is so much easier to meditate while fasting.
There are no obstructions of any kind and you can use your meditations to go into all the symptoms your body is giving you and unravel the main cause of them.

These reasons are obviously why l have so curious about water fasting, but the main reason to why l have always been against water fasting is because what is happening next!

You see after 36 hours of fast the body start to release highly toxic, free-radical metabolites from the fat tissue that is dissolving in ketosis and further more highly toxic, free-radical metabolites from the liver. 

Those highly toxic, free-radical metabolites are much more toxic out in the blood stream than when they were stored in the fat tissue. 
Its also why they got stored in fat in the first place!
The body needs to be in a really good, undisturbed place to get rid of them and if you are eating all the time 75% of the energy is used for digestion so there is basically no energy left to get rid of the highly toxic, free-radical metabolites. So the body stores them the safest place there is; in fat!

And they will stay there until the day you die unless you all of a sudden start to lose weight and burn off the fat.
Also why many people simply cant loose weight!
The liver is congested and the diet is too poor to make the highly toxic, free-radical metabolites water soluble.
You see in order to get the highly toxic, free-radical metabolites out of the body they need to be paired with (high quality) amino acids to become water soluble so the body can excrete them through sweat, urine and stool.

And the majority of people losing weight are doing it with a low fat, low calorie, animal protein rich diet that never ever in a million years will provide the body with what you need to convert the fatty binding metabolites into water soluble ones.
That is why so many people lose weight but still look fat and why we have the term “skinny fat”.
The body still has a lot of fat which it cant release because its full of highly toxic, free-radical metabolites that the body cant get rid of.

And the same problem happens when you water fast for more than 36h.
Except now you dont get ANY food that in ANY way can help the body making the fatty soluble highly toxic, free-radical metabolites water soluble, so they just float around in the blood stream causing havoc giving your inflammations symptoms, headache, heart palpitations, and the list goes on and on.

You see now why l have been so against Water Fasting?

So when l found out the advantages of water fasting on brain recovery l knew l had to get over myself and my pre-set aversion to water fasting, roll up the sleeves, make use of the part of my brain that is not damaged and find a solution to the problem!

The problem is that brain recovery with water fasting starts AFTER 36h!
In the period between 36h-72h all ketones are ramped up and start to pass the blood brain barrier.
Also why you will see a dip in ketones released by your urine.
They are diverted to the brain to clean and re-cycle!

I will write another post about that.
It is that interesting!

But let me just end by saying; if you, as l, are in search of brain recovery, the resent studies indicate that the autophagy l mentioned above start to influence the brain after 36h.
You see when the autophagy after the 36h mark start to break down mis-folded proteins you avoid Alzheimers and Parkinsons because its those mis-folded proteins that is forming Tau in the brain that slowly dissolves the brain and are causing Alzheimers and Parkinsons.
But the studies show that not only can you use the +36h water fast prophylactic but also to improve an already established condition.

And that is why l want to water fast past the 36h mark!

Just imagine if l can revert my brain injury?!

Until now l thought it would be like growing an amputated leg but now with the new study coming out last year it actually seems possible!

I just need to find a solution for the dilemma with the fatty-binding, highly toxic, free-radical metabolites.
Which l did!

In the next post I will tell you how and what you need to do.
Stay tuned.

Love P <3