Traveling with Addisons

Traveling with Addisons

is not impossible but takes planning.

Because l have TBI that has given me hypopituitarism l have the joy of both hypothyroidism and 2nd Addisons.
I almost died this October, twice, and its been a really tough year so my lovely brother has invited me on a 3 week vegan yoga retreat at Wonderland Healing Center leaving tomorrow, whoop whoop 😀
Super, great, amazing but it takes planning.

First of all l have notified the healing center so they are aware of my condition.
l have contacted the local hospital making sure they have the emergency treatment for Addisons, l have checked with SOS insurance and got the medical approval for traveling so l am covered on my trip. 

In case my suitcase doesn’t arrive with me l have got all my meds in my hand luggage.
I got my medical card in my wallet, l have printed out the permit for my meds from the Thai embassy homepage and I got the Adrenal app on my phone.

And l got salt! my lovely local health store provided me with small sachets of Vogel herb salt in case l crash. 

We got vegan raw food on the plane, glutenfree crisp bread and trail mix for extras if we need.

I got dark glasses, earplugs, sleeping mask and a BIG hat if l need to zoom out a bit.

And l got my brother to lean on so off we go..

So looking forward..