Vegan Keto Breakfast Buns

Vegan Keto Breakfast Buns

The most difficult thing when eating vegan keto, avoiding gluten and loving bread is that gluten is what makes bread fluffy.
You know crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside.

I love my bread, but l have been trying for years to make the perfect fluffy bun… and here it is!

The Keto Bread Mix

First off l make a bread-mix with different seeds that are all keto.
I pick the different seeds in the amounts that l like the most, so you just do the same.
Fx in only 25g of sunflower seeds you get all the calcium you need and dont have to worry if you dont get any dairy, there.. one vegan step just taken!

I use:
Sunflower seeds
Pumkin seeds
Sesame seeds
Flax seeds
Chia seeds
Poppy seeds

I make sure my seeds are organic, because l always avoid pesticides, herbicides and fungicides but also because l think the taste is nicer of the organic ones.
The toxic ones tend to taste more bitter and l dont like that.

I mix them in a big container so l always have it and can easily make freshly baked bread whenever l want.

And as l said: l use the same bread mix as my core ingredient in buns, breads, crisp breads and bagels.

This is what you need for the perfect vegan keto bun

  • 120g of the bread mix
  • 120g of psyllum husk (I get it from Bulkpowders – DK & UK
  • 2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate – yep, the one from your water fast
  • 1 teaspoon of Maldon salt – as well, the one from your water fast
  • 240 of organic almond butter – l get that from Bulkpowders as well
  • 500ml water

This is how you do

  1. Blend all the dry ingredients so it becomes a smoothe flour
  2. Blend the almond butter with the water
  3. Stir the liquid with the dry flour until its become a thick dough – use a kitchen mixer because the psyllium needs to act with the water to make it the perfect consistency.
  4. Grease a muffin pan with organic unrefined coconut oil and be generous because theres a special trick you are going to use and you need a lot of oil for that!

5. Shape the dough into round buns and put them in the pan. They are going to get bigger in the oven so make sure they only go to the top of the pan. Not above!

6. Heres the trick that makes them crispy on the outside – turn them! If you have been generous with the coconut oil they are now going to be greased all around them and will bake so nicely

7. Bake on 190*C for 40 min.

8. Serve warm with vegan butter (love the one from Naturli!)

If they go soft on the outside you just put them in the toaster before you cut them open and they are all crispy yet fluffy again


P <3