Vegan Keto Curry Re-feed

Vegan Keto Curry Re-feed

Re-feed between the fasts is just as important as getting the salt while you fast.
And yet not many people talk about the re-feeds so l am going to do that from now on!

I am plant based and l am eating keto – both because it supports my brain recovery the most.
This is what l made for me and my brother yesterday.
My brother came by, after work, ending his 92h fast and l was ending my 44h fast so both of us were looking forward to a proper meal

What you need for the rice

White cabbage rice – l blitz 1/2 a cabbage and freeze that for 1 portion – you can also use cauliflower or spring cabbage rice instead.

2 tabel spoons of turmeric – white cabbage is light green and the turmeric colour it yellow so it visually looks more like fried rice

3 tabel spoons of curry

1 tabel spoon of paprika

A bit of Tamari (note; no sugar, no starch, just soy!) you can leave it out if you normally dont use Tamari, l love the taste so l use it.

Nutritional yeast – as much as you like

Salt & pepper and chili if you like

Lots of organic non-refined coconut oil

How you make the rice

Melt the coconut oil and add all the spices
When the heat has the curry sizzling you add the rice and stir
Turn down the heat and put the lid on
Add water so it doesnt burn but dont make it soggy
Add the nutritional yeast
Simmer for 20 min

What you need for the curry

I use a frozen curry mix with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onion, garlic and green beans, its just for convenience, you can find a mix you like or you can buy the veggies individually.
For this recipe l used 2 bags of 400g each.

1 bag of Veggie Bites from Naturli – made of soy, has 20g of carbs pr 100g but 16g of those are fibre which makes it a perfect 4g carb and a 52g protein source. You soak them in boiled water and a bit of salt for aprox 10min. before using.

3 tabel spoons of Madras curry

1 tabel spoon of cumin powder

Maldon salt & chili/black pepper mix

Unsweetened soy milk – or any other plantmilk you prefer.

2 tabel spoons of Naturli Vegan Block “butter” – when added to warm food while cooking it goes creamy and you dont need flour to make a cream sauce

100g of Violife grated cheese – good course of fat

Lots of organic unrefined coconut oil

How to make the curry

Start by heating the oil and the spices
When the spices are sizzling you add the Veggie Bites and stir the spices into them
Add the frozen curry mix and stir
Turn down the heat and let it simmer
Add the Block, the milk and the cheese and simmer until ready

All in all it takes aprox 30min to cook.