Vegan Keto Paté Balls

Vegan Keto Paté Balls

I was so inspired by the falafels l made the other day that l wanted to test something.

The only thing l didnt like about the falafels was how long it took to make them and l have this amazing paté recipe that l wanted to test to see if l could make into snack sized paté balls resembling falafels.
So l did.

They did however become more flat because l wasnt sure how the psyllum would bake and l was afraid they would be too gooey if l made them more round and thick in the middle so l made them flat.

But l didnt have to worry – they will come out just right – so next time l am going to make them more round.

However! As they are here they would be perfect for a burger!

What you use

600g portobellos
250g onions
240g walnuts
1 flax egg – 1 tbsp flax flour mixed with 3 tbsp water – leave for 10 min to firm up
1 tbsp psyllum husk
4 teaspoons Herbes de Province
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
2 tbsp Tamari
Salt, pepper and coconut oil to fry

How you make it

  1. Turn the oven on 175*C
  2. Melt a lot of coconut oil in a big pot
  3. Break the portobellos into chuck sizes, cut the onions and add them in the pot
  4. Put a lid on the pot so all the juices of the portobellos comes out

5. Add the Herbs de Provence and put the lid back on
6. When they are almost finished add the Tamari and turn the heat down
7. Blend the walnuts with the nutricional yeast into flour
8. When all the moisture is boiled and fried away from the portobello mix add them to the flour and blend

9. Add the flax egg and the psyllum and blend

10. Drizzle coconut oil on baking paper – be generous about it because you will need the oil. You use coconut oil and not olive oil because the oven is set on 175*C and olive oil has a burning point at 160*C where as coconut oil is stable at 175*C
11. Spread the oil proper on the entire baking paper with your hand or – if you are civilised – with a brush.
12. I used an ice scoop to shape the paté balls but a spoon will do too. When you leave them on the baking paper make sure you turn them in the coconut oil so they will be evenly baked in oil on both sides

This is where l made them more flat because l was concerned about how the psyllum would bake and they came out perfect for a burger – you can however make them more round if you want to

13. Bake for 20 min on one side and turn them and bake on 30 min on the other side.

I had them with boiled broccoli and brussels sprouts and fresh veggies – so good!

I think they too are as the falafels perfect for dinner, lunch, wrap, burger, lunch box you name it!

They are so tasty!


P <3