The Super Soup – Vegan Keto Re-feed Broth

The Super Soup – Vegan Keto Re-feed Broth

Unfortunately the information regarding re-feeds are very limited!
A lot of people tend to either “make up” for everything they have been “missing out on” in one setting and devour half a cow, french fries or feast in fruit or candy.
Which obviously, clearly and with objective logic IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!

You have for numerous days benefitted from ketosis and autophagy.
Your body has used ketones instead of insulin for energy.
It has transformed old cells into food and all in all done a great job in converting a chronic condition into a healthy one
– it most definitely needs a reward, not a bombardment of garbage!

If you eat animal protein right away you might tricker inflammation more heavy that what you came from
– you will get immense pain, stiff joints, be exhausted beyond belief and feel heavy and lethargic!

If you eat a lot of fruit, bread, rice, pasta, sugar or any other starchy, high GI carbs you will gain a lot of weight in water retention (due to antidiuresis of potassium and sodium), get bloated and have a crash of insulin that will make you depressed and doubtful.

Both scenarios are biochemically induced and an immense contrast to how you have just felt while fasting.
So be sensible!
A time will come where your body can handle that load.
Now is not that time!

So my suggestion is that if you fast longer than 5 days you should make the following veggie broth to break your fast with.
Its anti-inflammatory – has no night shades in it and it has specific spices that reduce inflammatory processes.
Its low carb – has no starchy veggies in it.
Its high in potassium and you can add as much salt to it as your cells need which means it stabilises your electrolyte balance quite quickly.

That also makes it a Saviour Soup!
If you during the fast all of a sudden feels a shift in your electrolyte balance that the cell-drink cant restore, having 200ml of the soup with extra added salt will stabilise your right away!
And it wont break your fast!
It will stop autophagy but it wont break your fast!

Yes, you read me right!
You can have 200ml of this veggie broth daily without breaking your fast!
Now, you know me well enough by now to understand that l dont believe in short-cuts!
DO NOT read this as a short cut, ok?!

If you cant water fast with the cell-drink alone, you are probably not supposed to water fast at all!
Or at least not continue your water fast as long as you are attempting to!
Remember: if its not enjoyable you are doing something you shouldn’t!

That said; l have found that this veggie broth “lifts” me.
I dont have it every time l water fast, because l aim for autophagy to recover my brain, but l have the Survivor Soup in my freezer and have it occasionally.

Usually when l do, l am about to break my fast anyway and this just makes it more clear to me that; “yeah, l am done with my water fast”…

So making this broth and freezing it before any fast might turn out to work for you too.

What you need (chose all organic to avoid the toxins)

1kg of finely chopped onions
1kg of finely chopped broccoli
1kg of of finely chopped carrots
1kg of finely chopped leek
1 bunch finely chopped celery
250g of chopped parsley
5 cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons of black pepper
4 teaspoons of turmeric
4 teaspoons of ginger powder
4 teaspoons of Maldon salt
Non-refined, organic coconut oil

How to make the Keto Veggie Broth

Melt the coconut oil in a big pot and warm the spices in it
Add onions and leek, stir so they dont burn
Add all the veggies, stir so they dont burn
Add 4 liters of water and put to boil
Simmer for 6 hours
Strain and separate the broth from the veggies
When cooled down bag the broth in 200ml bags and freeze so they are ready for use
You can save the veggies and use them for veggie patty for Neat Balls or use them in a stew.

I would love to hear how you are doing during your water fast and if you have any questions at all you are most welcome to join me in our Fasting Family FaceBook Group here

I wish you and yours all the best

Love P <3