Water Fasting

Water Fasting


l have to say: l rock! just finished 70hours of water fast. 

It was actually easier than l thought it would be!

l have done 18:6 since ´17

l have done OMAD for almost a year (on off with 18:6-22:2)

But l still have a lot of repercussions of my brain injury. 

When l almost died last year in October l was diagnosed with Addisons due to the damage of the pituitary. l therefore started meds that saved my life.. and made me gain 40 pounds over the next 6 months! 

Not fun! 

l kept telling myself that l am alive and just have to get acquainted  with my new shape. And l have. l love myself, l love my strong, powerful body that is battling so hard every day. 

But l keep having the feeling that l am deteriorating. That no matter how much l take care of my body with sups, plant based diet, no sugar, caffeine, alcohol, bread, rice, pasta, doing enemas and hydrations, yoga and meditation morning and night l still feel how my body is deteriorating. 

I have to do something!

And non of my doctors, endocrinologists or neurologists are of any help!

So l decided to do a water fast

l have always been profoundly against water fasts for several reasons!

First off; because of osmosis you need potassium and sodium the body does not produce that itself so you get it through your diet, when you water fast you don’t! And a water fast is washing out the salts and shifting the sensitive balance. 

Secondly after 36hours of fast the body start to release highly toxic, free-radical metabolites from the fat tissue that is dissolving and from the liver. 

Those highly toxic, free-radical metabolites are much more toxic out in the blood stream than stored in the fat tissue. 

They are released but needs to be paired with amino acids to become water soluble so the body can excrete them through sweat, urine and stool.. when you water fast you dont eat anything and therefore those highly toxic, free-radical metabolites are not being paired with amino acids and just get to flow around in the blood stream causing havoc giving your inflammations symptoms, headache, heart palpitations, and so on.. 

Based on those 2 reasons l have always been so against water fast. 

So why did l do it?

Well, because while water fasting might be great to lose weight quick and therefore the main reason people chose to do it, it also give the body a break from digesting (which 75% of your energy is spent on) and a chance to heal itself. Which the body does when we butt out and leave it to it!

I just had to find a way to solve the 2 problems

The first was done with looking into creating an intra-extra-cell-identical-salt-mix l could ingest instead of water or with water so l wouldn’t be affected. 

I did. 

The 2nd problem is a bit more problematic while water fasting because you dont ingest anything but water. So in order to find a solution for that l had to go as long as l could until l felt the highly toxic, free-radical metabolites were affecting my body and l would have to add amino acids through eating. 

And that mark was 70 hours. 

That means, that me in my body l can water fast regularly for 70 hours before eating and then fast again. 

However.. l felt how l started to get sluggish and cranky (sorry mum) at the 50 hour mark, l got better, shortly after, it was just a hurdle that l got over, but since l am planning to do this long term l dont want to spend my life with 20 hours of feeling sluggish every 3rd day so l am going to do 48h water fast with my own osmotic concoction, and then have a plant based meal eaten in mindfulness and awareness and then do another 48h fast. 

I guess you can call that an OM2D

And let me just circle back to the mindful eating with awareness. 

As l said l am meditating morning and night. 

Mindfulness and awareness is paramount if you want to have a succesful water fast and actually learn someting about your (eating) habits and (life) patterns, if you dont you are bound to pull yourself together, water fast and then start binging when you get out of the fast. 

Of course you are.. but that is for another post

Love P <3